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There is no charge to be listed on the site and you’ll receive all the proceeds of anything purchased.

You can feature:

  • Culinary & beverage experiences & offers that can be redeemed later

  • Take-home dining options to be redeemed now

  • More than one offer. We encourage you to update & create new offers frequently.

Listing Instructions:

  1. Click the button below to complete the listing form (it’s short and easy, and we’ll usually get you up on the site within <24 hours).

  2. Ensure that the offers can be found on your website for details and purchase. We can provide some help if you you have issues. 

  3. Be a good community member and link/promote on your website & #SaveNYCEats in your social. 

  4. Let us know how we can continue to help you and your team.



Where will my business and offer be listed?

Right now the structure is evolving and may change over time. We want to highlight offers from noteworthy and acclaimed (James Beard, Iron Chef, Top Chef, Inquirer, etc.) establishments in the hopes of amplifying everything we’re doing at this early stage.

We will organize all other offers in the most commonsense way we can for the customer while trying to be fair to whatever edge cases we discover. We want to avoid being the arbiter of placements, but we may editorialize some of the ways we market and amplify things, as you’d expect.

Will you share our data, contact info or market to us?

No. We will never share your info or market to you without your consent. We need your contact info if we have questions about setting you up. We are not doing this to make a profit on the transactions or your information.

What does #SaveNYCEats expect of us?

We’re donating our time, energy and capital to try to help in a time of need. All we ask is you be a good citizen amongst your peers. Spread the word. Tag the movement. Blast it in your social and in your market. A rising tide lifts all boats, so help us raise the awareness beyond what you are doing.

What makes a great offer?

While some of the big-ticket stuff is eye-catching for the consumer, the simple offers with real value and wide appeal are best. Everyone’s price point is different, but we think the $50-$250 range will probably do the best.

Please do your best to keep it simple and make sure you can deliver what you offer. Be ready to support any inbound contact about offers you list.

How fast will our offer be put up?

We’ll do our best to get things up as fast as we can verify they are complete (Steps 1-3 at the top of the page). Use our form to submit (instead of email) and make sure you link back to us and use the #SaveNYCEats tag on your landing pages. All those things save us tracking you down or pressing pause on your offer in the queue.

What’s a great way to link back from our restaurant page to SavenycEats?

Consider adding something like, ” Visit to find other unique culinary offers or experiences that support the restaurants and bars that make New York, New York. #SaveNYCEats”

Any tips or available assets for linking back to the site?

Yes, we have this page with some tips, ideas and assets.

have a question?

Reach out, we’re here to help!